Rosecut Moonstone + Trillion Diamond Ring

Rosecut Moonstone + Trillion Diamond Ring


This large green faceted moonstone right with trillion diamonds is the perfect bauble with benefits. It's fun, eye catching, and powerful. Can be dressed up or down and suitable for practically every occasion.

Moonstone corresponds to the crown chakra. Used by clairvoyants and shamans to move into unseen realms. Assists one is seeing beyond the veil. Carries the mysteries and powers of the new moon, where all things exist as potential. Diamond corresponds to the crown chakra and contains a high frequency that helps improve spiritual awareness and creativity. Amplifies the energy of other stones when paired together. Helps block harmful EMF emanations. There is no need to cleanse this powerful stone.

Made in solid 14k white gold, the alloy that gives this piece it's bright glow.

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