Spinel + Sapphire Ring

Spinel + Sapphire Ring


Ultra chic blue spinel ring with bright blue and green sapphires is the perfect piece to updated your look with color and texture. Because of it's shape and low profile, this ring can be paired with practically any piece to create the ultimate finger stack.

Blue spinel corresponds to the throat chakra and enhances communications. A stone of persistence and determination. Helps rejuvenate all aspects of ones life and replenishes energy levels. Relieves stress and tension, making it an excellent stone for workaholics. Blue sapphire, the strongest of all blue gemstones corresponds to the throat and brow chakra. Helps one speak their truth. Calls in financial abundance and mental clarity. Green sapphire corresponds to the heart chakra. Encourages compassion and understanding. Stimulates and helps repair vision. Improves dream recall.

Set in solid 14k yellow gold, the alloy that gives this piece it's soft yellow hue.

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