Turquoise + Sapphire + Labradorite Drop Earrings

Turquoise + Sapphire + Labradorite Drop Earrings


Irresistably colorful, juicy drop earrings you'll want to live in. Drops of lightly striated turquoise dangle below sparkling orange sapphires, pink sapphires and labradorite - a powerful combination of stones.

Turquoise corresponds to the throat chakra and helps one speak their truth. A stone of protection. A helpful tool for calming the nerves, silencing mental chatter, and balancing emotions. Orange sapphire corresponds to the sacral chakra. Stimulates sexual energy and creativity. The color of this stone brings warmth and physical comfort, imparting vitality and strength of purpose. An empowering tool for artists and all who express their truth through creative expression. Pink sapphire corresponds to the heart chakra. Assists emotional body through transitions of life. Stimulates love, forgiveness, acceptance, and the art of letting go. Helps one master their emotions. Restores youthfulness. Labradorite, the most powerful protector of the mineral world, corresponds to the third eye chakra. Fortifies one’s energy field or aura and strengthens the energy within. Provides safe exploration into alternate levels of consciousness by acting as a negativity shield. Enhances intuitive abilities.

Set in solid 14k yellow gold, the alloy that gives this piece it's soft yellow hue.

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