A Whimsical Meeting

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We were both in NYC for work, trying to fly out of Newark Airport.  There was a storm and all the flights were delayed by a few hours.  I went to sit at the bar at Chili's 2 for a glass of wine and I sat down next to Chris.  We started chatting about what we do and where we are from. When I told him I lived in Spokane, WA he said, "I know 1 person who lives in Spokane!" Everyone knows one person from Spokane and always seems to believe that we should all know each other (Spokane is not that small) He named his friend who I happened to know, pretty well in fact!  We took a picture of ourselves and sent it to him, exchanges info and got on our flights.

About a year later, I posted a status on FB. Our shared friend commented. Chris saw the comment and friended me. He sent a message to say hi, my response, "airport buddy?" The emailing went on, then phone calls, then a first date in Palm Springs.  We have been together since.

amanda keidan