Investing in yourself is self empowerment. 

Our mission is to reflect your one-of-a-kind beauty through our one-of-a-kind jewelry. Our pieces are to be worn as a daily celebration of who you are. We believe in honoring freedom of expression. There are no rules. Unique is more.





Meet Amanda

Amanda Keidan's collections embody fresh, personal, and innovative designs in the form of precious stones, platinum, gold and diamonds. Delicate layered necklaces, architectural earrings, and colorful stackable rings have become an immediate favorite of those seeking exquisite and sophisticated style. 

Amanda Keidan's bespoke fine jewelry is personal, timeless, and extraordinarily unique — she has the knowledge and ability to foresee what a woman wants in their piece, and the talent to then create it --a direct reflection of the person and artist she is. 

Amanda began designing jewelry professionally in 2001, after graduating from Harvard and spending time in the fashion and editorial industry. Her jewelry can be found across the globe and she has gained the reputation of being the "engagement ring whisperer".

“I love having a dialogue with my clients, learning their tastes and style. I gain huge satisfaction from listening to my clients needs, then stirring their interest in a rare stone or a new concept, and knocking it out of the park”.

- Amanda Keidan, Founder of Keidan Jewelry



Keidan Jewelry is a brand built on the foundation of excellence, integrity, uniqueness and luxury. All Keidan products are one-of-a-kind or limited edition designs that are timeless, distinctive, and made to last.

Old School Craftsmanship

We handcraft and CAD design our limited edition pieces in Los Angeles. Each piece is inspired by global travel and a culture that is completely beyond borders, timeless and distinct.

Made for All Women

Our pieces are daily reminders of self empowerment and the celebration of who you are. We believe that unique is more, and this is reflected within our company DNA, within every piece of jewelry, and each collection  – which all embody a freedom of expression.