Some of My Favorite Love Stories

I started designing jewelry because of my love for the beautiful enticing sparkle of stones that are found deep from within the earth. For the first five years I sold my collections to stores across the country and in London and Japan. My metalsmithers and I hand-made everything and sourced each stone ourselves from our small office in New York. I oversaw every part of the design and creation, and so much time was spent on each piece -- I started to want to know who was buying them and wearing them. What was their story? What did they like about the jewelry? I wanted to know more about my clients personally. It was as if someone above heard my thoughts, and I started being asked often for private commissioned pieces, and then for diamond bands, and pretty quickly, my jewelry business became the most personal of business models as I began making bespoke engagement rings. I get very THOUGHTFUL clients. They want something different. Unique. Special. Not a piece that anyone else has.

There is something truly beautiful about going into the studio and creating a piece with a specific client in mind. As I sketch, as I melt platinum, as I choose diamonds, I am thinking of the couple, of their story, of what they’ve told me about their unique love, and those stories make their way into the piece.  

Amanda x