Terms of Payment

Half of the estimated final cost for the project (as agreed upon between Amanda and the client) will be due at the start of the project, with the balance being paid in full upon completion and delivery of the project. 

All diamonds purchased by Amanda Keidan Jewelry will need to be paid for in full before the diamond is purchased by AKJ on behalf of the client. Amanda Keidan Jewelry will not mail or deliver the completed project until full payment is received. Should a project be cancelled by the client before completion, the initial deposit will be retained by Amanda Keidan Jewelry, LLC.


Terms of Modification

Should any modifications to the piece be desired (e.g., ring finger size change or other small adjustments), changes must be requested within the first month  of delivery of the finished project, and will be no extra cost to the client. 

All other changes after the 30 days, and/or changes of a larger scale (to be determined by Amanda) will be made and charged for on a case by case basis, as discussed and agreed upon between Amanda and the client.


Terms Pertaining to the Rights of the Design

  • AKJ will own design rights to the project. Every custom piece is a one of a kind design and will not be duplicated.
  • AKJ retains the right to present images of it in our public portfolio of work, and on our social media channels.


We look forward to beginning the process!