Citrine + Sapphire + Diamond Ring

Citrine + Sapphire + Diamond Ring


Our large citrine coctail ring with sapphires and diamonds is the perfect way to bring subtle color to your look. Commands attention and is suitable for any special occasion. You will never want to take it off.

Citrine corresponds to the sacral chakra and solar plexus. Calls in an abundance of wealth, prosperity and success. Promotes emotional balance. Blue sapphire, the strongest of all blue gemstones corresponds to the throat and brow chakra. Helps one speak their truth. Calls in financial abundance and mental clarity. Pink sapphire corresponds to the heart chakra. Assists emotional body through transitions of life. Stimulates love, forgiveness, acceptance, and the art of letting go. Helps one master their emotions. Restores youthfulness. Diamond corresponds to the crown chakra and contains a high frequency that helps improve spiritual awareness and creativity. Amplifies the energy of other stones when paired together. Helps block harmful EMF emanations. There is no need to cleanse this powerful stone.

Set in solid 14k yellow gold, the alloy that gives this piece it's soft yellow hue.

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